Whether you are selling things online, engaging in an online affiliate marketing or managing a blog, it is essential that you know how to generate email leads and turn them into real customers or regular visitors to your websites. Though you can build brand loyalty, get new customers and engage them via social media like Facebook and Twitter, you cannot replace them with email leads because the users of social media belong to the platform and not you. You are using their platform and therefore you’re under their regulations. But this is not the same with email leads. This is why you need to know how to use it. Here, I will tell you some of the proven ways of generating email leads. Here are some of them.

Newsletter signup form

One of the ways through which businesses and organisations engage their customers or provide them with useful information about their brands, products and services is to send them newsletter. Newsletter helps to turn your lead into actual customer. Marketing experts believe that businesses that connect to their consumers with newsletter are likely to be patronized by these consumers. But for newsletter to yield the required fruit for your business, you need to get your customers sign up for them. Take advantage of the social media like Facebook by putting your newsletter sign up form there so that your fans on the platform can sign up for them. Take time to learn the tips on how to boost sign up for newsletter and implement these strategies.

Email-gated content

Email-gated content is another veritable means you can use to generate leads. As implicit from them, email-gated content refers to things you provide to a customer in exchange for the customer’s email address. Typical examples of things that you should give away include infographics, eBooks, pre-recorded webinars and others. Many businesses have infographics and eBooks. You can use them to obtain the email ID of your prospective customers by giving it to them free of charge.

Reward email newsletter sign up

A good way of getting prospective customers and current customers to sign up to your email newsletter is to attach a reward to any sign up. There are a lot of people who ordinarily would like to sign up for newsletters but because of fear of the abuse of their email ID in various forms such as selling them, sharing them with others, spams emails etc., they don’t sign up. But an easiest way to remove such fears from the mind of those people and get them to sign up is to attach a reward to sign up.

Initiating a contest on Facebook

Facebook contest is a tool that expert social media marketers use to obtain emails from prospective consumers. There are a number of contests or campaigns that you can initiate on Facebook and through them attract customers and get their emails address. The campaign can take the form of group offers or sweepstakes. No matter the size of your business, you will be able to start a contest. You can start with something small if your business is not large enough to fund a big contest.