There is no straightforward method of marketing or promoting a brand online. Instead, there are different ways of increasing the popularity of a brand, product and service online. Some methods are more cost effective and easy to learn while some are more complicated than others. Here are tips to start a simple and more affordable online marketing campaign.

Determine who your customers are

If you are planning to start an online marketing campaign, the first thing that you should do is to define your customers. This is very important. An online marketer who does not know their customers is like a business person who does not know their brand name or product name. Defining your customers is very important because they are your targeted audience. There are some questions to ask yourself to help you determine who your perfect customers are. Here are some of the important questions to ask:

  • What gender is my product most suitable for?
  • Does my ideal customer work from home or outside of the home?
  • What is the professional profile of your perfect customer – are they manager, casual worker, students etc.
  • What is the average net monthly earning of your ideal customer?
  • What is the education level of your customer?

The answers to these questions and the likes will help you to determine who your idea customers are or give you an idea of the type of message to write and where to put your message.

Selecting where to post your ads

The next step is to decide on where to post your ads. There are a lot of platforms and websites to put up ads but not all of them may be useful to your business. It will be more useful to put up ads on platforms or sites frequented by customers. It is also good to use a number of websites rather than one because appearing on a multiple website will increase your visibility on the search engine and it also makes your commercial message stronger. Here are some of the platforms to consider are holiday specific sites, pay-per-click advertising platforms like Google Adwords, social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and others and newsletter ads sites. Basic factors to take into consideration before you make a choice are search engine placement, volume of traffic, external linking, the presence of your competitors, quality of existing ads and many more.

Determine what to measure for your conversion rate

There are a number of things to measure as your conversion rate. It could be sales orders, number of downloads, newsletter subscribers etc. Set up a spreadsheet for each of the websites you want to use for your marketing campaign.

Make your budget

Ordinarily, you will expect budgeting to come first but I prefer to put it at this stage because making an accurate budget will require you to have a good idea of the expenses to be incurred. In this context, you can only determine that when you have gone through the above mentioned steps. Place your ads and the platforms to use in their descending order of importance. If the amount you are willing to spend cannot accommodate all, then reduce them starting from the less important ones.

Create the content of your commercial

Choose your best product or service and create ad for them. Ensure that the ads contents contain three main keywords of your niche. The text should be well prepared, brief and captivating.

Track and monitor your marketing campaign

The final stage is to track your ads and react to its success. There are different ways to track your ads. You can create an independent entry pages for each of the commercial on your websites, use specific sales codes or coupon for each commercial or hire a service that track activity.